Secondary Stage

Secondary Stage ( Classes XI – XII)

The focus of this stage is to prepare students for college and career. Students are exposed to the 21 priority sectors through Applied Learning activities. Students get an understanding of subject sector linkages.

This is to establish the relevance of every subject they learn to the priority sectors and their pathways. Students are exposed to work place communication and language skills. A defined program for workplace language learning is planned and implemented to inform students that language of sector and key words usage is necessary for the world of work.

Secondary Stage Subjects

Classes: IX, X, XI and XII

Age group: 14 – 18 years

Focus: Classes IX & X: This stage focuses on consolidation of learning of the Foundation, Preparatory and Middle Stages for building, enhancing and deepening subject knowledge.

The objectives of this stage include: developing subject domain skills, employability skills, application of knowledge etc.

Classes XI & XII: The Secondary Stage is a crucial phase for transition of students to post secondary / higher education (college) or employment pathways (career).

College and career readiness and preparation; employability skills; core skills; subject domain skills; Subject-sector linkages; Applied Learning etc are focused on.

The Secondary Stage comprises of four years of in-depth subject matter understanding and study. In addition to this, students are exposed to various priority sectors and subject-sector linkages. This is for students to understand the relevance of subjects and prepare them for college and career.





IX & X


Role play, Activity Based Learning, Project Based Learning, Inter Disciplinary Approach, Demonstration, Self Learning through IWB, Discussion Method, Questioning Method, Observation, Mind Mapping / G.O’s, Smart Board Activity, Experimentation, Case Study, ICT Based Learning

STEAM Education, Raising Students Learning Standards, Character Building Activities  Project Based Learning, Student Learning Portfolio, SEDSS, Applied Learning Activities,  CRD’s, Celebration of Festivals, VBB, RCA, Work Experience, Physical & Health Education, Computer Literacy, Flash Cards, CCA, Field Trips and Excursions





Secondary Stage Activities​

LNS Star Students and Teachers Sharing their School Experiences

Secondary Stage EKSAQ​

LNS Star Students and Teachers Sharing their School Experiences


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