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Teaching photography through STEAM lesson sparks creativity and exploration among the students. Students use the creativity to look at Scientific and Mathematics lesson with a different perspective. Students develop skills while having fun. Creativity creates linkages between subjects. It is rightly said that breakthrough occurs when applying creativity from known to unknown.

STEAM education fosters a competitive and innovative workforce. A work force is needed who can creatively brainstorm for innovtion, collaboration and communicate new ideas. STEAM learning is effective in visual arts such as sketching, photography etc.

Photography is a unique art that allows students to grow and develop skills. Students are curious learners. Photography helps students to explore new subject matter and look at the world around them with more curiosity. Teaching photography to students is rewarding and fun that stretches their creativity.

Photography fosters exploring a problem from multiple angles. Example: In bright sunlight the shadow can make or break images. Photography encourages teaching context and strategic thinking. It also facilitates skills, personal development and critical analysis.

STEAM is a pedagogical approach that trains the students in 5 disciplines: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. Lotus National School has introduced Photography under STEAM education to foster Integrated Learning System. The Art element helps students improve the design, appearance, and usability of a product created through Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics thus generating more creative and innovative thinking



Kovida Ltd, Hyderabad, a pioneering Knowledge, Training, Research and Publication Company is establishing a web based learning platform to deliver online courses from class 1 onwards, stage wise and subject wise. This will facilitate convenience, flexibility and affordability of learning. It enables an adaptive, micro learning, and self-paced learning environment, The resources can be made available anywhere any time for promoting active, independent and self directed learning. The video instructions and the engaging graphics will make learning interesting, meaningful and support recall and retention

In this context, a 12 member Design Team from Kovida Ltd. visited LNS Hyderguda.

The power of visuals is undeniable. In order to choose and create visuals that will resonate and connect with the learners, there is need to read and understand the pulse of the end users.

The team interacted with Foundation stage (pre-primary to class II) and Preparatory stage (classes III to V) students to understand their preferences in terms of images, colours, fonts, animated images etc.




Students of Lotus National Schools are gearing up for the Summative Assessments and Board Examination. February is the month for recapitulation, revision and remedial. Both teachers and students put in a lot of effort to be thorough for their impending exams. We wish them best of luck.


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