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Principal Message


CBSE Senior Secondary School Attapur
HOC : Mrs. D Arthi

Mobile : 92480 24492


HOC Message to students

As Principal I am hugely impressed by the commitment of the school and the staff to the provision of an excellent all-round education for our students. Under my leadership, and as a team working together, we strongly promote academic achievement among our students. We have high expectations of all our children. We place great emphasis on personal, social and emotional development by encouraging caring attitudes, mutual respect, self-discipline and self-confidence. We take pride in our diverse community and celebrate our cultural and linguistic diversity We take pride in our infrastructural facilities, teaching faculty, student and staff support systems and excellent teaching and learning environment, for all round development of our students.

The hallmark of the school is the age-old philosophy of our Indian Culture. Values drive human behaviour. I set goals, every year for my team to inculcate values in our Student, Teacher and Parent community. Values help us make choices in life. A community with great behaviour develops the culture that everyone in that community desires. This will be my primary focus. We will demonstrate the most desired behaviour in all our actions and interactions.

I welcome parents to be a part of this family to shape the future of children- the next generation of world citizens.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our school website. I thank you for taking the time to visit. 

Let your light shine!


CBSE School Warangal

Mobile : 92480 24494


HOC Message to students

As a principal I strongly feel that education is a blend of academic excellence and creativity and as the Principal of the School; my motto is to encourage and empower our students to grow as a strong, reflective and humble individuals with discerning minds, prepared to make a mark in all spheres of life.

A student who is taught discipline will learn the power of self-control. Freedom, to be truly effective, needs the guidance of discipline.

With a long and rewarding history of achievement in education behind us, our school community continues to move forward together with confidence, pride and enthusiasm.

I hope you enjoy your visit to the website


CBSE School Nagaram

HOC : Mr. Y Prasad

Mobile : 9948331705


HOC Message to students

Dear students, as we embark on this academic journey together, remember that challenges are opportunities in disguise. Embrace each hurdle, for it is a stepping stone to success. Your potential knows no bounds, and with dedication, hard work, and a positive mindset, you can achieve greatness. Believe in yourself, support one another, and let curiosity be your guide. The future is yours to shape, so make every moment count. Go forth with courage and enthusiasm, knowing that you have the power to make a difference. Dream big, work hard, and soar high.


CBSE Senior Secondary School Rajmundry

HOC : Mrs. Kavitha

Mobile : 92480 24495

Email: Email:

HOC Message to students

Welcome to Lotus National School. As we embark on this journey together, I want to express my sincere enthusiasm and commitment to fostering a positive and enriching educational experience for each and every individual.

Our dedicated team of educators is devoted to providing a nurturing environment that promotes academic excellence, personal growth, and character development. We believe in cultivating a love for learning that goes beyond for classroom, preparing our students for success in both their academic and personal pursuits.

    Communication between the school students and parents is vital to creating a supportive educational community. We encourage open dialogue and collaboration to ensure the success and wellbeing of our students. Please feel free to react to us with any questions, concerns or feedback.

Let’s work together to make your child’s journey a memorable and successful one. Wishing everyone a life filled with accomplishments, growth and joy.


#57, 4th Floor, Nagarjuna Hills, Punjagutta, Hyderabad,
Telangana 500082
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