Preparatory Stage Activities

Math Flash Cards

Math Flash Cards are teaching learning tools with small amounts of information as words or numbers for better understanding of subject concepts

They motivate and engage learners and help them to study and retain the factual knowledge

Flash cards are designed to be bright and colourful and make a real impact on visual learners

They facilitate interactive learning at all levels across all subjects

They help with memory skills, Mathematical skills, advanced discussion work, brainstorming and brain writing (quick generation of ideas by encouraging students to write them down), speaking and listening skills

Reading Comprehension Assessment (RCA)

Reading comprehension refers to a learner’s ability to not only read but also to comprehend the text

RCA helps a teacher to measure the reading skills of students, record the errors made while reading and analyze them to determine further instruction

RCA process involves making students read a class level unseen text /passage, measuring their reading skills and comprehension by asking questions on the content, summarization and recall

Reading cards are designed and passages taken from various sources including newspapers, magazines etc. for different levels of learning

Vocabulary Building Blocks (VBB)

In today’s globalized world, English language communication is important for learning, living and working

VBB program introduces theme based contextual words to help students to enlarge their vocabulary, improve communication and thinking skills thorough efficient language use

Class-wise and subject-wise word lists are in place, to facilitate better subject and general understanding

The Word Lists are developed contextually keeping in mind the requirements of different class levels. The difficulty levels increase with each class

Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

Co-curricular refers to programs and learning experiences that include a wide range of skill-based games, strategies and interactive activities that support students’ all round development

The goal of co-curricular activities is to enhance students understanding and develop skills by engaging multiple styles of learning

CCA facilitate in developing skills that are not necessarily taught in the classroom but are still important for the future

Various co-curricular activities have been introduced in LNS. These include art and craft, debates, Spell Bee, dance, music, STEAM education (Tie and die, Photography) etc.

On sports day / annual day, the best performers are awarded with medals and certificates of appreciation. The CCA session for the Academic Year ends with the announcement of Best House of the year

Parent Teacher Relations

Developing a healthy parent teacher relationship is a great way to influence a child’s performance in school. Students with involved parents fare better in all aspects of life by exhibiting better social skills and behavior

Lotus National School establishes a two way communication between parents and teachers through emails, SMS, school website, phone calls, annual school calendar etc.

Parents benefit by involving themselves in the school activities; they get ideas from the school on how to help and support their wards to achieve in scholastic and co-scholastic areas

Parent Teacher Meetings (PTMs) help teachers understand the students’ home environment and needs so that the approach towards them can be adjusted for their benefit

LNS conducts regular parent teacher meetings, parent education programs, social events like Matrudevobava and Grandparents Day to establish a positive relationship with the parents and a good working relationship between school and home

Morning Assembly

Morning assembly is the most serene feature of a school, where students learn the value of collective prayer and inculcate moral and ethical values

It helps to begin each day well by invoking the blessings of God. The Pledge reminds all students of the purpose for attending school. Thought for the day creates an awareness of moral values. Reading out the news headlines instils confidence in students and creates awareness of current affairs. The National Anthem instils a sense of patriotism and pride in being an Indian

During the Morning Assembly at LNS, eminent guest speakers are invited to inform and motivate students on special themes and different occasions. After listening to the guest speakers, students are asked to give a write-up on what they have heard, understood and learnt

The Morning Assembly is conducted by one House for a week. Points earned by each house for the week are averaged and the position is declared after every round of the Morning Assembly involving all the four houses

Class Room Display (CRD)

Classroom Display is a crucial aspect of Classroom Teaching and Learning Management. A classroom filled with student work sends a message to the students that their work and learning are very important. It gives students a sense of ownership

The CRD at LNS is colorful, bright stimulating and has a direct impact on the student motivation and learning. charts prepared bt the students CRDs ‘set the scene’ for introducing a new topic through colourful charts prepared by the students

It provides something extra for the students to do for example ‘A puzzle of the day’

CRD promotes class management like routines, responsibilities, tasks, rules, time table etc.

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