Middle Stage Activities

Deeper Learning

LNS believes in adopting various modes of learning to make students self-directed and lifelong learners

Deeper learning is one such self-learning strategy where learners adopt an academic mind-set to be lifelong learners. It provides students with the advanced skills necessary to deal with a world in which good jobs are becoming more cognitively demanding

Deeper Learning activities at LNS are implemented for classes VI-X. They focus on in-depth teaching and learning of a given topic in Math

Students are taught to fold, cut and draw shapes and figures, to learn about – shapes, area, perimeter, properties, relationships etc. Gamification and free hand drawing skills are a part of Deeper Learning

Goal Setting

Goals motivate students to aim for things that were never thought possible. In LNS, students are motivated to set realistic and achievable goals from a young age, to ensure that they achieve smaller goals on a regular basis

To start with, students are asked to think of a goal that will be achievable in a short time. They could write or stick a picture of the goal, and place it on the wall where it can be used as a reminder

They are encouraged to talk about how good it feels to accomplish something that they’ve worked towards. The success will definitely encourage them to set further bigger goals

Student Learning Portfolio (SLP)

SLP is a systematic record of individual student work that develops skill sets to make them self-driven learners. This helps the students, their parents and the teachers to assess the work/ learning of the students in a comprehensive and continuous manner

Teachers guide the students to improve their skills. They evaluate the assignment and record the grades in the SLP

SLP helps in developing academic skills, life skills, social skills, emotional skills, spiritual values and students become self-reliant learners

Students develop skills of planning, creativity, presentation skills, writing skills etc.

Sports and Games

LNS imparts regular physical activity through class and age appropriate sports and games at each stage of learning to facilitate higher concentration levels

In addition to participating in physical activities students learn fundamentals of healthy lifestyle and fitness

Sports and games contribute to improve academic performance and self-esteem of a student


Lotus National School adopts a Continuous and a Multi-Dimensional Model of assessment to measure student development, rather than content transfer

Assessment tools like checklists, quiz, pen-and-paper test, Student Learning Portfolio (SLP), Reading Comprehension Assessment (RCA), Project Based learning, assignments etc. are used to assess the student learning outcomes

Assessment is based on the Assessment Design Framework guidelines and includes knowledge/ understanding, application and reasoning / HOTS questions

These tools help the teachers to get feedback from various stakeholders in order to evaluate and improve the students performance


Lotus National School, one of the best CBSE schools in Hyderabad has implemented the STEAM curriculum to motivate the learners towards experiential learning

STEAM is a pedagogical approach that trains the students in 5 disciplines: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics

Lotus National School has integrated Tie and Dye- a traditional art of designing, under STEAM education

Tie & Dye is achieved by knotting, binding, folding or sewing certain parts of the cloth in such a way that the dye cannot penetrate into these areas when the cloth is dyed. We could easily bring the magic of tie & dye into our class rooms

Applied Learning Activities

Applied Learning aims to enable students to understand fundamental theories and concepts, develop beginners’ skill sets, job-related competencies and generic skills

We believe that a flexible combination of Applied Learning with core subjects, elective subjects and other learning experiences provide students with holistic learning. ALA focus on learning and applying the knowledge and skills needed, to solve a problem, implement a project or participate in the world of work

LNS has implemented a thirty- week applied learning activities program for classes I–X with an aim to expose students to priority sectors of India with a focus on developing employability skills from a young age

After every two weeks, a report of completion and the behavioural outcome of students is reviewed

Individualized Learning Tools

Students exhibit their own learning styles that are unique to each: some learn better by observing, some by listening and some by doing

At LNS, students are motivated to perform better in activities that match their learning styles

It is important for both the teachers and parents to be aware of every child’s learning style in order to offer opportunities for student learning

Individualized learning tools used in LNS include Audio Tutorials, Computer / tab associated learning, use of slate etc.

Classroom Transaction

Effective classroom transaction ensures sustained and active engagement of every student

Learner – entered classrooms and modern technology are the twin challenges that have encouraged LNS teachers to adopt various strategies for effective teaching-learning process and improve student learning outcomes

At LNS we follow effective hands-on classroom activities and experiential learning to ensure active participation and involvement of students. Lotus National School, one of the best CBSE schools in Hyderabad has designed a number of unique classroom transaction methods in order to make learning relevant and meaningful

The pedagogy adopted is geared towards developing a gamut of skills for employability and lifelong learning. LNS adopts transactions like Applied Learning, group work, Activity based teaching, Project based teaching and learning, Debates, Discussions, Student Learning Portfolio, School Experience for the Development of Skill Sets, Class Room Display, Cursive writing etc.

Art Education

Art integrated learning is a teaching-learning approach that integrates the visual and performing arts with school subjects

The art integrated approach in LNS not only makes learning joyful, but it also lends itself to students imbibing a greater appreciation and understanding of art forms

When art is integrated with education it helps the child to apply art-based enquiry, investigation, exploration, critical thinking and creativity for deeper understanding of concepts

Art instruction helps children with the development of motor skills, language skills, social skills, decision-making, risk-taking, inventiveness etc.

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