Foundation-Stage- Activities

Foundation Stage Activities

Emphasis on Cursive Writing

Many standardized tests are based on written work. Without fast and legible hand writing, students will miss out on learning opportunities

Students who have mastered good handwriting are more creative

Teaching a child cursive writing from an early stage has many advantages

Cursive writing involves multiple processes:, the movement of hand , the thought of the letter and the visual of the letter. Forming letters creates a connection between the movement of hand and the visual response of seeing letter on the page.

Practice of cursive writing develops fine motor skills and improves brain development in the areas of thinking , language and working memory.

Good handwriting is the platform for achievement in the workplace

Cursive writing books are designed and are available in Lotus National School 

This is to prepare the students at an early primary stage of learning to face the challenges of learning at middle school level.

Three packs of cursive writing books are designed for different schooling stages.

Pack I – focuses on preparing children to read and draw

Pack II – emphasizes on understanding of content of text

Pack III – aims to increase the students comprehension capacity.

All the three packs are linked and include sight words, rhyming words, compound words, proverbs and subject related words

Including rhyming words help repeated exposure and foster retention among students

Proverbs are powerful tools that provide indigenous wisdom and guidance

Cursive writing is also known as longhand writing in which some characters are joined together for making writing faster

Cursive writing improves brain development in the areas of thinking, language and working memory.

Teaching a child cursive writing from an early stage has many advantages

Forming letters creates a connection with the movement of hand to visual response of seeing letter on the page

There are multiple processes coexisting simultaneously , the movement of hand , the thought of the letter and the visual of the letter

Practice of cursive writing develops fine motor skills.

Pre- Primary Education in LNS

A pre- primary school is a learning space offering early childhood education to prepare a child for class 1

It is the initial stage of organized and structured instruction, specially designed to introduce young learners to the school environment

Pre primary education serves as a bridge between the house and school environment

This stage is a very important as it lays the foundation and prepares the child for formal education

It is essential to strengthen the education components at Pre-primary stage to prepare young learners for Class I challenge

Investment, care and attention at pre-primary stage can result in quality student feeder for class 1

At this stage students learn to adjust to an environment outside the home

Pre primary schooling is important for every child to explore the outside environment to improve their coordination, besides learning pre- literacy and pre math skills

Pre primary education improves physical, mental and emotional growth of the child and helps develop motor skills and build self esteem

The preschool in Lotus National School emphasizes on the cognitive development of the child, as learning takes place due to practice and interaction in a large group

The children are involved in oral activities like poem recitation, storytelling, and role playing; they sing songs and pray

Other play activities involve sand and water play, indoor and outdoor activities to enhance exploration skills

Class room teaching and learning are based on Listening Speaking Reading Writing (LSRW).  Students learn to read, write, and recite rhymes and tell stories

Lotus National School conducts various hands on activities geared towards all round development of the child and preparing a quality student feeder for class1


Safety and Security at Lotus National School


Lotus National School believes that keeping the school and its environment safe and secure.  This allows children to look forward to being in an encouraging environment

Creating a child friendly environment is necessary to promote social and creative learning

When a safe and nurturing environment is provided, children feel secure.  It helps them to explore, learn and grow

Safety is a state of being protected from potential harm and is necessary to support the all around development of student

The ultimate objective is to provide safe and security in school environment which will enable teachers to fulfill their duty and students to achieve their goals.


Fire safety depends on detection of fire and  protection from the fire; whereas prevention of fire is to be done during construction. The systems used for fire detection include smoke detectors and fire alarm systems. The equipment for fire-fighting, extinguishers and metal stairway for fire evacuation are essential for safety of occupants of the institution.



The classrooms are designed to have high ceilings, ventilators and fans to improve air circulation in the class room. The occupants breathe-easy in the airy classrooms.



Students concentrate better when exposed to natural light. The idea is to make sure that the windows have clear glass to allow more than ample day light to enter classrooms. Natural light improves the human element of the educational environment. A classroom that successfully uses day lighting has a mood elevating effect and creates less stress on the eyes.                        



Plastic emulsion paints that are fit to use in institutional setting are selected.


It is ideal to have water to be purified for consumption at the school campus, than be transported on a daily basis. It is economical and safe. LNS provide RO water for student and staff consumption to ensure safe drinking water. .Regular water testing has to be undertaken to ensure that water is fit and safe for human consumption.



It is mandated by the local government and the national school education regulator that all schools be fitted with security camera devices at the entrance etc to closely monitor people or intruders to ensure student and faculty safety. LNS strictly follows these guidelines.



LNS follows another mandated measure:  separate toilets for girls and boys. The rest rooms are labeled and used for that specific gender for the students and faculty. Faculty – student toilets are labeled to provide additional monitoring in the toilet space.



LNS has framed a new guideline: drivers, cleaning crews and security personnel are to use designated toilets.



Security personnel are posted at the school entrance.  A log book is maintained to monitor the  movement of people at all times, specifically during the session of the schools.



The Foundation and Preparatory stages (Pre-primary – class V)  are provided with shatter proof windows to ensure additional safety and to prevent untoward accidents while in the classroom.



The electrification and circuits are protected through proper and appropriate earth-pits to ensure safety of students, staff and users.

Celebrations of Festivals in Lotus National School

Lotus National School believes in imparting holistic education to students.

All round development of a child is very important for success in life

Lotus National School gives equal importance to both scholastic and co scholastic areas of study

Celebrating various events, be it National Events, School Events or festivals are given equal importance

Celebrating events and festivals in schools have become an integral part of learning and building a strong cultural bond in a child

Celebrations of events and festivals bring student closer to tradition and cultural beliefs

It is very important for every individual to understand multi culture and diversity

Such an understanding will help build a close bond among the co-learners and understand each other’s customs

Culture is a strong binding force in societies and every individual is rooted in a culture that influences an individual’s life style and attitude towards life

At Lotus National School students are exposed to various cultures through celebrations of all religious festivals to develop tolerance, understanding and respect for communities

Along with all National Festivals, Lotus National School celebrates Guru Poornima, Raksha bandan, Ugadhi, Ganesha Chaviti, Dasara, Deepavali etc

Lotus National School also celebrates school events like investiture ceremony, school day, sports day, grand parents day, Mathrudevobava, colourful ribbon day etc to name a few

The LNS pre-primary classes celebrate Colour Day with great enthusiasm and fervor.  An entire week is devoted to a particular colour involving activities and play.

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