Foundation-Stage- Activities

Foundation Stage Activities

Cursive writing

“Students who have mastered good handwriting are more creative”.

Practice of cursive writing develops fine motor skills and improves brain development, as it involves multiple processes ; the movement of hand , the thought of the letter and the visual of the letter.

Three packs of cursive writing books are designed for different schooling stages.

Pack I – focuses on preparing children to read and draw

Pack II – emphasizes on understanding of content of text

Pack III – aims to increase the students’ comprehension capacity.

All the three packs are linked and include sight words, rhyming words, compound words, proverbs and subject related words.

Pre Primary Education in LNS

Pre- primary education serves as a bridge between the house and school environment. It is the initial stage of organized and structured instruction, specially designed to introduce young learners to the school environment.

Lotus National School conducts various hands on activities geared towards all round development of the child and preparing a quality student feeder for class I.

The focus is on physical, mental and emotional growth of the child to develop motor skills and build self-esteem.

The children are involved in oral and play activities like poem recitation, storytelling, sand and water play, indoor and outdoor activities to enhance exploration skills.

Safety and Security

LNS believes in keeping the school and its environment safe and secure. This helps in creating a child friendly environment to promote social and creative learning and encourages students to explore, learn and grow.

• Fire Safety: Fire extinguishers and metal stairways for fire evacuation

• Indoor Air Quality: The classrooms have high ceilings, ventilators and fans improve air circulation and quality

• Natural Daylight: The clear glass windows allow ample daylight to create a mood elevating effect and lessen the stress on the eyes

• RO System is provided for drinking water safety and regular water testing is undertaken

• CCTV Cameras: CCTV cameras and devices are fitted o closely monitor movement of people

• Separate Labelled Rest Rooms for boys, girls and faculty provide adequate privacy and safety. Drivers, cleaning crews and security personnel use designated rest rooms

• Security Personnel Post: Security personnel are posted at the school entrance. A log book is maintained to monitor the movement of people

• Shatter-proof Glass Windows for the Foundation and Preparatory stages ensure additional safety and prevent untoward accidents

• Earth pits are provided to protect electrification and ensure safety of students, staff and users

Celebration of Festivals

A LNS, students are exposed to various cultures through celebrations of all religious festivals to develop tolerance, understanding and respect for communities

A sprit of patriotism is inculcated among the students by celebrating National Days, such as Republic and Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanthi etc.

Lotus National School also celebrates school events like Investiture ceremony, Teachers Day, Sports and Annual day, Childrens day, School Day, Grandparents day, Mathrudevobava etc.

The LNS pre-primary classes celebrate Colour Day with great enthusiasm and fervour by devoting an entire week to a particular colour involving activities.

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