LNS Advantage

LNS students are confident and self reliant learners. LNS students can learn and work in groups
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CBSE Admisssions

A National Board. International Quality Education at Less Cost.
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Teacher Training

Teacher training is supported by IFCT. Content is developed by and copyrighted to KEK Ltd.
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Arts and Crafts

With quality education, our students acquire Strong analytical and thinking skills with Project Learning methods.
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About Us

Lotus Learning Systems Society (LLSS) entered into the field of 'affordable quality education' in the year 2004-2005. It runs a chain of six schools in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana under the brand name Lotus National School. Our institution is governed in a sustainable, responsible and transparent manner addressing the needs and interests of all stakeholders – Students, Teachers, Parents and Local Community.

Class LKG and UKG
There is no Admission test, only interview.
Class I
Interaction with the child and parents for an overall assessment of the child's readiness for n Class I.
Classes II – IX
Students should demonstrate the minimum competency required for functioning effectively in relevant educational setting.
Class X
Apart from the above procedure, admission will be considered only if the Transfer Certificate (T.C.) is from a CBSE affiliated school.
Note: For further information on admissions, visit our School Campuses.
• 100% pass in CBSE (X) – majority with 8 - 10 grade points
• Efficient oral and written communication skills
• Strong analytical and thinking skills with Project Learning methods
• LNS students are confident and self reliant learners
• LNS students can learn and work in groups
• Special Education Innovative Programmes to support learning
• A National Board
• International Quality Education at Less Cost
• Good English standard with communicative approach
• CBSE curricula is test base for 25 + different professional entrance tests in our country
• 20% weightage to Higher Order Thinking Skills
• After CBSE reforms, its curriculum is similar to international boards with Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)


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"My son Aravind… fell in love with the school, with Hyderabad City, and with the subject matter that he studied. We both thought that the format of the program was perfect — with the right split between classroom work and traveling the City."